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Welcome to The Scrap Wagon!  We love to use scraps of all kind - paper, fabric, wood, metal, etc. and create beautiful, meaningful and sometimes funny keepsakes, memories and decor for customers.

Take a look around our site and be inspired to create for yourself, or head on over to our shop. 
Most items are one-of-a-kind and we also create custom orders.  

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Custom Scrapbooks

You have the pictures that tell a beautiful story, but they are in a box, in a pile, on a device or in the cloud.


Let The Scrap Wagon turn those pictures into a cherished scrapbook that tells your stories for years to come!  

paper crafting supplies

Creative Memories™

Looking for paper crafting materials for yourself? Head on over to the world's best paper-crafting retailer!


Don't forget to check out our gallery for inspiration of what you can do! 

DIY floral arrangement

Beyond Paper

We love celebrating the big moments of life as well as the seemingly little moments.  All are precious!


We enjoy the challenge of taking what's around us and creating unique gifts and decor.  The gallery has past examples and the store has what is available to purchase.  



Meet Leigh-Ann

Master Scrapper

I am a scrap junkie at heart. I've been creating since childhood- making scrapbooks, mixed media projects, designing costumes, painting murals, designing theater sets, baking specialty cakes, creating personalized celebrations and when appropriate adding a bit of humor.  I am passionate about handcrafting items for others, and teaching others to handcraft for themselves. It brings me great joy to watch someone else experience my creations - whether it is a scrapbook, a personalized gift or a holiday decor item, it is truly indescribable. My wish is that others can experience the same feeling of joy from creating handcrafted goods as I do. 


Thank you for checking out The Scrap Wagon, I hope you leave inspired! 

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