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8x8 Scrapbook Beginner Kit - Blush

8x8 Scrapbook Beginner Kit - Blush


This is a perfect gift idea for that daughter or friend who wants to start scrapbooking but doesn't have all the tools to get started. 


What's included in this Scrapbook Beginner Set?


- 8x8 Blush Scrapbook Cover

- 8x8 (12 pack) Scrapbook Pages

- 8x8 (12 pack) Complimentary Color Cardstock

- Scissors

- Tape Runner

- Journal Pen

- Multi-colored pen

- Laster Titles embellishment pack

- Embossed embellishment pack

- Designer Sticker Set

- "Boho Escape" Embellishment Pack


Retail Value is $115!!!!


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